Lindstrom is wrong about Kingdom Park mobile home rezoning; shows biases |

Lindstrom is wrong about Kingdom Park mobile home rezoning; shows biases

Charlie Terrill, Breckenridge, owner, Kingdom Park Court

I am the owner of Kingdom Park Court (KPC), a mobile home park on the edge of Breckenridge on Airport Road.

In the debate with Justin McCarthy Oct. 18, Summit County Commissioner Gary Lindstrom stated the following: “The owner of Kingdom Park trailer park (Kingdom Park Court) has never made a request to change his zoning. There’s a reason he hasn’t made the request. That’s because he knows what would happen. That’s the reason he hasn’t made the request.”

That statement is not true. Lindstrom has extensive copies of correspondence between the Summit County Planning Department (SCPD) and me pleading for codification and acceptance of the historical use and density of the properly, and rezoning for its present use.

The factual density at the mobile home park is acknowledged in the Joint Upper Blue Master Plan, which designates the site as “total 31 built (units).”

Even those records not copied to Lindstrom are public documents created by the SCPD. This activity occurred in 2000, during which I also made at least two appearances before the Upper Blue Planning Commission presenting this request.

While this request was under way, SCPD staff denied KPC’s right to exchange an existing mobile home for a newer one. I protested this unauthorized and illegal ruling to Lindstrom. I went before Lindstrom, another county commissioner and SCPD staff in a work session on Sept. 18, 2000, to protest this and to yet again plead for the density-zoning change.

Lindstrom committed to me that he would have SCPD issue a letter it would not deny home replacements in KPC. More than two years later, the promised letter still has not been received.

During that same year, I applied for annexation into the town of Breckenridge. Lindstrom signed the letter stating the county’s position on this.

In the above statement by Lindstrom, you read: “That’s because he knows what would happen. That’s the reason he hasn’t made the request.”

Apparently, he discloses that conclusions and decisions are reached at SCPD, and at the Board of County Commissioners, before citizens even present their cases And, further, he presents himself as a mind reader.

I have offered this property to the residents of the mobile home park. The current zoning provides them – and me – no assurance that the county or the town might not arbitrarily impose a change in its use.

The property – 2.735 acres – also has been offered to the Summit Housing Authority.

Lindstrom also stated, “I would support a mobile home park S provided we could tuck it back into a little canyon somewhere so as not having to have to look at it.”

The approximately 25 acres up French Creek, where Vista Point and Gibson Heights subdivisions are located, were formerly zoned for mobile home park use, with density for about 100 home sites.

I was so discouraged by the SCPD staff from developing it for that purpose in 1994-96, I discontinued my efforts to purchase it.

Staff insisted and persisted that “they” wanted the land used for “more attractive conventional housing.” New mobile homes are attractive, livable and affordable. A typical mobile home current price is $30,000 to $50,000. The rental sites could have been sold to the renters, making the whole package far more affordable than the $200,000-and-up prices for homes in the development that was approved. Compare those prices to what could have been created several years ago to address more practically the affordable housing problem.

Lindstrom does not exercise adequate oversight, supervision and review of the performance of SCPD staff. On the other hand, perhaps it represented his true views about mobile home parks, as revealed in his quote.

Contrary to his lip service to support affordable housing, does this public statement more closely represent his prejudice? Does he feel that a place where working people can afford to live should be invisible?

This untruthful, egotistic and arrogant behavior by Lindstrom illustrates his other behavior related to Summit County government business. It is strong evidence it is time for a change. I urge you to vote for new, intelligent, sensitive, citizen-friendly representation. I urge you to vote for Justin McCarthy.

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