Lindstrom: Tracking things that just don’t follow |

Lindstrom: Tracking things that just don’t follow

Gary LindstromSummit County, CO Colorado
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Non-sequitur is Latin for it does not follow. It is most often used to indicate something which does not follow logically normally in writing but sometimes in the spoken word and always in life.When I took my first English class in college over 40 years ago, my instructor would often mark a paragraph with the notation non-sequitur, meaning that somehow my thoughts wandered away from my original topic. He meant that it did not fit together or it does not follow.This past week it seemed as though every way I turned there was another non-sequitur.I will start with the best one. Somehow my television set went haywire and changed over to Fox News last week. There on the screen was a well-dressed, middle-aged man talking about how The Surge in Iraq had been successful. His best example of success was that we had managed to bring sewage to the people of Iraq. That, of course, piqued my interest. I immediately thought of long convoys of tanker trucks hauling sewage from Iran, Syria and all of the surrounding countries to Iraq. What a wonderful thing to do: bring sewage to Iraq. Of course, he meant sanitation systems or facilities to deal with human sewage that is naturally generated by the Iraqi people without the United States bringing sewage to the Iraqi people.With the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week the news was fraught with many more bad examples of things not following more non-sequiturs.I love the ads of the former Hillary Clinton supporter talking about how she will now vote for John McCain. Thats fine if thats what she wants to do, but the ad really gives the impression that she never did support Hillary Clinton. She also makes a point of telling the world that she is really a Democrat but that she has had some sort of epiphany and is now a McCain supporter.And speaking of John McCain: There is another ad telling people to vote for McCain because once he is elected president he will, once again, return to being the independent-minded free thinker he was for years in the Senate. Thats also OK, but if true, why doesnt McCain run as the old John McCain and not as the person who has, all of a sudden, become very close to George W. Bush and now supports all of his policies and programs.And on the other side of that coin, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden both refer to John McCain as a longtime, close personal friend, fine senator and a wonderful man. Then they go on to attack him. That is a tradition in politics or at least in the Senate, where you never demean a fellow senator. I have mentioned this before but it is protocol to address a fellow senator as the wise, kind, intelligent senator from Arizona who apparently has lost his mind in the proposed legislation.By the way, they do not do that in the House of Representatives. I have called the House a form of mud wrestling where, in the Senate, you can hear a pin drop over the snoring of the senators contemplating their role of giving advice and consent to the world.Another one of my favorites: I own a Honda Accord EX. I paid about $20,000 for it four years ago. Since I bought my car I have noticed that BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus and Acura along with a lot of lesser brands such as Chevrolet and Ford all have exactly the same body design. So the bottom line is that you can spend $20,000 to buy a car that has a great body design or you can spend $80,000 to buy another car with the same body design. Kind of crazy if you ask me unless you have a lot of money to waste.I have done some research on the subject and the very first car with that design was the Ford Taurus. I would imagine that the wind tunnel tests were excellent for the design and it has to do with fuel economy.Regardless, it does not follow.Gary Lindstrom has lived in Summit County since 1974 and is a retired police officer and a recovering politician. He can be contacted at

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