Lipsher: Education excellence at the Keystone school |

Lipsher: Education excellence at the Keystone school

Steve Lipsher

My first encounter with the Keystone Science School was as a news reporter, when I was invited out to write what I thought was going to be a soft feature on a feel-good camp for kids.

Of course, I was floored when I encountered a gaggle of kids knee deep in the Snake River, capturing bugs and taking water samples and looking at the impact of historic mine runoff on water quality. These kids, under the guidance of some enthusiastic and energetic counselors, were conducting real science: making hypotheses, collecting data, comparing them with norms and being taught to question their assumptions, practices and biases. Cloaked in the fun of romping around in the mountains, the KSS offers a rare bit of excellent education, teaching kids how to think critically.

I support the Keystone Science School in its push to stand on its own as an independent entity, and I ask that you, too, help in its quest to raise $2.5 million – a goal that is now well within reach. Donations to this worthy nonprofit organization are tax deductible.

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