Lisa White: Don’t fear the big box |

Lisa White: Don’t fear the big box

Lisa White, Breckenridge Blinds and Draperies

I’ve been listening for months to all of the arguments for and against a big box coming into this community and they are all valid. But they are all based on fear. Fear of competition, fear of losing a business, fear of having an ugly store down the street. What has happened to us?

The fight over this big box represents a bigger problem. That problem is the disconnection and the self-interest of citizens in not only our community but in communities all around this country. We, as a society, have marinated in our own self-entitlement long enough. We are not entitled to attractive stores, low prices, convenience or even successful businesses.

We’ve lost perspective and hope. Whatever happened to pulling together as a community to help each other out instead of wasting our energy fighting the government and big corporate? We have great talent and resources available, but they are of no use if we are scrapping over the last shreds of a rotten economic carcass like a pack of rabid dogs.

The old models are obviously failing. It’s time for all of us as citizens and business owners to look into the future and develop new models based on collaboration and cooperation. Not competition, fear and self-entitlement. We need to put our controlling egos aside because we live in times that are out of control. But for this to happen, we need to be able to take a risk on each other.

So, bring on the big box! This situation has given me the slap in the face that I need to take a moment and think outside of the box about how to move forward in an unpredictable future. I don’t have the answers, but I’m willing to look for them. Are you?