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Listen to that voice of reason


A sheriff’s deputy was following a car down Highway 6 from Keystone and noticed it weaving over the shoulder line. He stopped the car in Summit Cove. The officer explained why he stopped the woman, who was a bit confused, noting that she was 50 feet from her house.While asking the woman for her paperwork, the deputy noticed the smell of alcohol and the woman’s slurred speech and fumbling. When the deputy asked the woman to get out of the car, he noticed her poor balance.The deputy asked her to do the How Drunk Are You Really? roadside tests, but the woman said she “knew her rights” and would not do them. The deputy said he was arresting her for DUI, and the woman responded that she was not drunk.She knew her rights, she said, and she hadn’t done any tests that would show she was drunk. The deputy said he had tried to get her to do the tests, to prove either way, but the woman had refused. So she did the tests, and she failed.The deputy explained that, now, she was under arrest. No, she said, she was not. While the deputy tried to put the woman in the patrol car, the woman’s husband – who had been watching all this from the house – approached the officer. While the deputy was explaining to the woman that she could take a breath or blood test and what the consequences were (with her replying, again, that she knew her rights), the husband was telling the cops he watched the roadsides, and she was all over the place.The deputy told the husband that his wife was refusing a chemical test for intoxication, despite explaining that she would lose her driver’s license. The husband went to his wife and told her, “I watched the roadsides. You’re drunk. Don’t put up a fight. Take the test. If you’re not drunk, you’ll come home.”

The husband took the car home. The deputy took the woman to jail. She still refused to take a test but was quite happy telling the deputy how she had just married the love of her life and other unintelligible things. “I did not understand half of what she was babbling about,” the deputy wrote in his report.Stole a place to stub his buttFrisco police are investigating a curious burglary and vandalism. The manager of a rental car agency called officers to the scene and pointed them to one car, a Ford Focus.The manager told officers the thief or thieves had broken out a window with a rock, then proceeded to steal two tail-light assemblies; the trunk cargo net; the cover panel from the trunk lid; the handle cover from the door handles on the rear doors; two trim moldings from the driver’s door; trim from the right, front passenger door; a door handle cover from the right, front passenger door; the cup holders from the center console; two floor mats; and the ashtray.The manager had no clues as to who might have done it. Apparently, someone’s been watching too much “Monster Garage.”

Kissing the hand that cuffsEmployees of a Silverthorne outlet store called police reporting a theft in progress. Officers caught up with the suspects in their car at Stephen’s Way and Highway 6.At first, when asked, the man and woman said they had no idea why they were being stopped. They were on vacation from Chicago, they said. The officers had the couple get out of the car and explained they were suspected in thefts from the store.At this point, the female suspect lunged at one of the officers, grabbing the officer’s hand, kneeling and kissing the officer’s hand. Even after the officer instructed the woman to let go, she continued kneeling and crying.Another officer drove the store clerk by to identify the couple, while an officer searched the car. The officer found trash bags that were fitted with a belt so that the thieves could hide the bag underneath a skirt by shoving it between their legs. The officer found numerous bags in the trunk.The clincher was the purse: The store clerk told officers that when confronted about stealing, the female suspect threw her purse at the clerk. Inside, officers found the woman’s ID. Officers arrested the couple.

Can’t I just apologize?The general manager of a Silverthorne hotel spotted a man dumping his trash in the hotel’s garbage bins and called the police. The manager was able to describe the man and provided his license plate.An officer ran the name and license plate and came up with a Lakewood address. The officer did a little more digging and found a local address on Ptarmigan. The officer tracked the man down at home and found the described car as well.The man immediately admitted to dumping his trash at the hotel, but he said his neighbors told him it was OK to dump his trash anywhere in town since the garbage trucks don’t come down his road. The officer explained that this was illegal. The man asked if there was anything he could do to make it up to the hotel, such as writing a letter of apology.The officer called it good with a ticket and a $331 fine.Reid Williams can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237, or at

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