Living wills will help grieving process |

Living wills will help grieving process

Ben Helmke

The article on “living wills” by Ashley Dickson (SDN, Feb. 28) was an excellent introduction to a key issue. And when the issue is addressed in “real life,” the concerns and views of all family members are important if a good resolution is wanted.

A well-meaning person can consult a fine lawyer and have drawn up an excellent document, but if key family members and issues have not been involved as part of the ongoing process, the final result may well be less than the best.Life, not only for the individual/couple but also for all the family members, is an ongoing process and needs to be developed as family attitudes and issues change.

A well-functioning extended family backed up by good legal services can help a family not only make plans, but execute them in a way that helps not only the grieving process, but the relationships of family members in later years.