Liz Matovina: Buy local |

Liz Matovina: Buy local

Liz MatovinaDillon

With all the empty commercial buildings and the high rate of foreclosures in the county, one would wonder why people who live here do not shop locally. Here is an example: Summit County is a resort area, not a big surprise that it costs a little more to live here full-time. Our county’s survival depends on a lot of mom & pop stores. Recently I was working at one of my client’s business and she was dealing with one of Frisco’s Town Council members. She spent numerous time with him regarding what he should purchase and then gave him our proposal. He then went outside of Frisco to purchase the same items from a vendor in Pueblo, as they charged less. But what did the Town of Frisco lose?The sales tax revenue. Now I ask why would a town council member not support local business and when you add everything up (Pueblo sales tax, and the cost of shipping the materials up here) did he really save? It is time for all of us to take a good look at how we can helps small business survive and the county/town benefit from those purchases. Is it worth traveling outside the county to purchase something that is right here in the county to save a few dollars? Every round-trip I take to Denver costs me $58. Add that cost to the few dollars you may have saved did you really save anything? The same can be said about Realtors and contractors whose livelihood depends on local businesses surviving. Think before you buy. Taking the time to compare “apples to apples”; you can find everything you need right here in the county. So the next time you buy please consider what you are doing for your community.

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