Liz Matovina: Coddling illegals? |

Liz Matovina: Coddling illegals?

Liz Matovina

I do not consider myself to be a prejudiced person, nor am I firmly persuaded by one political party over the other. I truly believe that everyone regardless of race or origination who enters our country through legal channels should have the same privileges as all other taxpaying Americans. However this happened this week in a Summit County Municipal Court:

A Hispanic woman arrested for shoplifting from one of our local stores and who also was abusive to the arresting officers appeared before the court. She could not speak and/or understand English, so she was provided an interpreter, I assume at taxpayer expense. When the judge inquired about her identity, she stated that “she had purchased her identification” so that she could obtain work. She could not produce any legally issued identification such as a passport, visa, green card, etc. The hearing proceeded, and she was fined $500 for shoplifting, the judge applied her bail to the fine and she was asked if she needed additional time to pay the remaining fine and court cost. She said yes and the judge granted her time to make payments. What is wrong with this picture? Does the judge really believe the court is going to receive payment for the remaining amount due on the fine he imposed? Hello – she has confessed in open court to committing fraud and being in the country illegally.

I truly hope this woman appreciates the break she received and takes the necessary steps to obtain a legally issued identification so that she can remain in our country. However, when a law has been broken, it is broken, and proper punishment should be applied in all instances.