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Llama dressing contest at fair cruel

We had the opportunity to attend the Mountain Community Fair held in Silverthorne July 11.

This annual event has been a fun tradition for our county for years but, this year, we were shocked at one of the events. A new event (at least one we had not seen before) called for participants to race to dress a llama – a seemingly fun and harmless act.

Three teams of 34 people each, were to dress a very small llama and get them across the finish line. The animals had their hind legs shoved into loose pants by any means possible.

Where it got scary was when they were yanked, pulled and dragged (standing or down on the ground) by ropes around their necks to cross the finish line.

While the team of littler kids dressed the llama and coaxed it across the line, two llamas were treated so violently and without regard, one animal actually fell down limp, appearing dead, apparently from lack of oxygen to the brain.

The person involved with that animal loosened the rope around the neck and began to rub the unresponsive llama’s head.

After a few moments (which seemed like forever to my daughter and myself) the llama came around and stood up.

The laughter and chatter stopped in our section of the bleachers as we all watched with concern. Though people can make some questionable choices in the heat of competition, how could this be tolerated and allowed by an organization of people who take pride in caring for the animals (horses, bulls, etc.) who create their livelihood?

Where are those animal activists when we need them? Through the insistence of my 12- year-old daughter, we felt we must let others know in hopes this “event” can be eliminated.

Martha and Molly Herwehe


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