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Local authors release sequels

LESLIE BREFELDsummit daily news
Special to the Daily"Another Legacy" by Angela Green.

Part-time local Angela Green has followed up her novel, The Legacy, with Another Legacy, and already has The Next Legacy in the works. The series has evolved from the recipes included in the first of the books, which focuses on four women in their 60s. Green said people contacted her after the first book was published to let her know they enjoyed it and often to offer recipes of their own.Throughout the original The Legacy, several recipes play into the story, and are given at the end of a chapter. Green got the idea to take the recipes she is receiving from readers, and use them in the follow-ups. She calls it a reader interactive novel, since recipe contributors will see their name used somewhere in the story. The recipe contributor form can be found in the back of the books for readers who are inspired by the stories and have a recipe they want to share.Green also makes herself available to book clubs discussing her work, either in person or by phone.Another Legacy is available locally at Winds of Change Books and Gifts, Borders Books and soon at amazon.com.

Breckenridge resident Elmer W. Koneman, M.D., follows up his book, The Other End of the Microscope: The Bacteria Tell Their Own Story with Worms, Wonders & Woes.Like in his first book, where the author writes about the science of bacteria through the eyes of the microorganism, his follow-up details the lives of parasites through their perspective.Koneman, a pathologist and sub-specialist in microbiology and infectious diseases, finished the book in October of 2006. It includes incidents in history, like an outbreak in 1893 that killed 100 people, as well as the journey different parasites take during their life cycles. Koneman said it is based on the idea of deep ecology, which takes into account the importance of all things in the animal kingdom. And it includes a sense of humor with such characters as Captain Nemo, who is along for the ride.The wonders in the title refer to how parasites are able to pass through their life stages, and the woes refer to the diseases they can cause. Illustrations included in the book were drawn by Verna Morton.Worms, Wonders & Woes is available through http://www.authorhouse.com.

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