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Local conservatives unite for Tax-Day ‘tea party’

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FRISCO ” Folks fed up with federal spending filed down Main Street in Frisco on Tax-Day Wednesday, stopping at the local office of Congressman Jared Polis in an outspoken act of democracy.

“Taxed enough already; stop spending now,” the roughly 50 people from Summit and Eagle counties ” many with ties to the Republican party ” chanted.

Polis, a Democrat, answered questions and shared thoughts through speakerphone. He said “enourmous deficits” of about $1.6 trillion this year could devalue U.S. currency long-term, making America less wealthy.

“We can’t let that continue,” he said.

Members of the crowd signed a “declaration” protesting the complicated tax code and several other tax-related issues ” to be presented to Polis during a planned visit to Safeway in Frisco between 12:30-1:45 p.m. on Friday.

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