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Local dog trainer joins forces with TV host

World-renowned dog trainer and Animal Planet TV star Victoria Stilwell has personally selected local winter dog sport educator Louisa Morrissey to represent her in the Summit County, and has invited Morrissey to her PositivelyTM Dog Training, a network of professional positive reinforcement dog trainers.

Stilwell is best known for her television show “It’s Me or the Dog,” through which she shares her passion for educating the public about the power of reward-based positive reinforcement training methods and the dangers and ineffectiveness of traditional dominance-based philosophies. With the formation of her network of dog trainers, Stilwell assembled a team of teachers to promote humane, force-free dog training methods meant to result in a balanced human/dog relationship based on mutual trust, respect and love.

Morrissey was extended the offer after working with Stilwell and her team. Through her Silverthorne-based company Skijor-N-More, Morrissey has introduced hundreds of dogs to the joys of cross-country skiing with their humans. Her work has been featured on the Weather Channel, and in numerous print and television news stories. She believes in using humane, non-forceful training methods and sports to enhance the relationship between dogs and owners, and is looking forward to working with Positively Dog Training. For more information, go to http://www.skijornmore.com or http://www.positively.com.

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