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Local gas station owners explain high gas prices don’t make them rich

The Lewark family, owners and operators, Ron's Texaco - Frisco

I am writing in response to the letter titled “Plaster gas prices on the front page.”

As a family member of one of the oldest gas stations still in business in Summit County, I would like to shed a little light as to the price of gas.

The price of gas is dictated by a number of factors. Some of these include the cost of cashiers, insurance, price of real estate, cost to service pumps (the closest service providers are in Denver), taxes on expensive real estate and other typical costs of doing business in the mountains.

The transportation costs to bring the fuel to the area is but one small part of the equation.

Unfortunately, the small profit that is made on gas is only made smaller by the high cost that we have to pay for it.

We are not all getting rich by gouging the public that is paying higher gas prices. These costs are not dictated by your local gas station but by the oil companies.

I wonder if anyone has ever compared the price of milk, housing, lodging rates, groceries, etc., with the Front Range.

Obviously, the cost of living in the Front Range is less than in the mountains.

I am curious as to why the cost of gas should be the same if not less than the Front Range while all other costs of living are more in the mountains.

Bottled water consumption is very high, however, we never seem to question the fact that we are paying roughly $10 a gallon for this product (this estimate is based on purchasing water for $2.50 per quart in a convenience store).

I do not like the high cost of fuel any better than the next person, however, I do have a choice to park my car and ride my bike or ride our free bus transportation. The Front Range does not have free buses.

Rather than writing what you don’t know about, maybe you should do a little research on the subject before voicing your opinion on something that you are obviously uniformed about.

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