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Local pastors should express beliefs

Donald ChisholmDillon

The expessions by local pastors in the “Politics and the Pulpit” (SDN, Feb. 8) all contain an element of the truth of the relationship between politics and religion. Because free speech is guaranteed by the constitution, that relationship must be protected or it can often be distorted to mean politically-accepted free speech. When the power of wealth and politicians is used to censure and prohibit free speech in religious expression, it becomes bad law. The McCain-Feingold law prohibiting mentioning candidates names months ahead of an election is the case in point. Religious belief inspires political thought and action for the common American acting together to give information about certain candidates. The pro-life movement is prohibited from mentioning the candidates name and if they are pro-choice or pro-life. The super wealthy are free to express their political and religious beliefs by the establishement of a 527 organization i.e. Billionare Sorros and the MoveOn.org organization. This miscarriage of justice for the wealthy vs. the rest of us is based on a misunderstanding of the separation of Church and State. The prohibition of the government establishing a religion is not the same as individuals using a public forum to express religious beliefs. The pastors of the county have it right in expressing their beliefs. Just don’t memtion a politician’s name at certain times in America (or Russia, China or Iran). The Summit Daily News welcomes letters to the editor, preferably by e-mail to letters@summitdaily.com. All letters must be submitted along with the author’s name, hometown and phone number.

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