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78-year-old newspaper carrier has delivered the Summit Daily News for more than 20 years

If you’re reading this in print, there’s a chance that Jack Mathews made it possible. Nearly every morning for the last 20-odd years, Mathews has been a newspaper carrier for the Summit Daily News. The 78-year-old started the job back in 1997 as a way to supplement his income as a postal worker, a job he did for 40 years.

“I like to get up early,” said Mathews, who is usually done with his delivery route before the sun rises above the Continental Divide. “I delivered papers as a kid, and I worked at the post office, so it wasn’t much of a difference to me.”

“I picked up the Summit Daily and liked reading it, so I called the paper’s district manager over and over until I got the job,” he said. “I started doing it, and kept doing it and kept doing it, and here we are now 20 years later.”

Aside from his carrier job, Mathews also works part-time at Lowe’s, where co-workers and customers call him the “Summit Daily Guy.”

“I usually bring four or five papers with me and leave them on the table,” he said. “By the time I get back, all of them are open and thumbed through. They love it.”

As far as why Mathews has kept his carrier job long after most people retire, the reasons are pretty simple — independence and gratitude.

“It’s a job where I depend on myself, and don’t need to depend on other people,” he said. “I also get thanked a lot for getting the news to people. They’re independent people and like to get informed about what’s going on, and I like being a part of that.”

Celebrate Jack Mathews and the thousands of other newspaper carriers who work tirelessly to get you your newspaper on Saturday, “International Newspaper Carrier Day.”

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