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A pound of free pot, custom engravings among specials set for 4/20

A marijuana bud from a Breckenridge dispensary is shown in this file photo. Local dispensaries across Summit County are planning a series of bargains and specials for the 4/20 holiday today and Saturday.
Summit Daily file photo

Even with 4/20, the unofficial cannabis holiday, April remains one of the slowest months for marijuana sales across Colorado’s High Country.

Last year, Summit County saw just over $3 million in recreational marijuana sales in March before they fell to $1.5 million the following month. Tourism-rich Summit County, chock-full of ski resorts, usually sees marijuana sales as much as halved by the time spring starts chipping away the winter traffic.

None of that, however, is stopping marijuana dispensaries across the county from offering a series of “holiday” specials today and Saturday.

“We are indeed (going to have a lot of specials),” said a manager at the Tumbleweed Dispensary in Frisco before highlighting some upcoming buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny deals on select gummies and Dutch Girl Waffles, two types of THC-infused edibles.

Across Summit Boulevard in Frisco, Native Roots is baking up an abundance of bargains scheduled for today and Saturday too, including offering $10 eighths to put the price of an ounce at a thrifty $80.

Plus, anyone who spends $100 or more inside Native Roots — either the Frisco or Dillon store — will automatically get 1 gram of kief (cannabis crystals) for a penny. Also, anyone who comes into either Native Roots store today or Saturday will be entered into a companywide raffle, no purchase necessary, to win 1 pound of high-quality marijuana. Because of state law, the pound will have to be distributed over a series of installments, a store manager said.

Checking in with Summit’s local dispensaries, there are a number of other bargains to be had, and the BOGOs will be out in full force for 4/20.

At Alpenglow Premium Cannabis in Dillon, for example, the dispensary will be offering specials on some edibles and vape pen cartridges, in which customers can buy one and get another one for half price. However, there won’t be any hurry with this special because Alpenglow is doing it throughout the month of April.

Like other local dispensaries, Altitude Organic in Dillon always offers a daily deal that rotates depending on the day of the week. For 4/20, the store is “doubling down” on these deals by letting patrons pick any daily deal they’d like. Altitude Organic is also planning buy-one-get-one specials and other promotions, like steep discounts on prerolled joints.

Altitude Organic in Dillon shouldn’t be confused with the Organix dispensary in Breckenridge, which is also going all out for the weekend with so many specials they wouldn’t fit in this one story.

One of the biggest 4/20 discounts at Organix will be $60 half-ounces and $100 ounces, prices that will be available for 15-plus strains today and Saturday. At the same time, the store is also selling Viola live resin for $35 a gram and PAX pods at 30% off.

If that’s not enough, from 3-6 p.m. Saturday, PAX will be in the store doing custom engravings on pen batteries. The batteries will be free with any PAX purchase, so someone who buys a pod at 30% off can get a free battery and engraving to go with it.

“That’s the big one,” said Jake Fessler, the store’s general manager. “We expect to see a ton for people for that.”

Another dispensary in Breckenridge, Organic Therapy, is planning “a bunch” of buy-one-get-one-free deals on certain products, including edibles, pen cartridges, rosin sticks and Kush Masters concentrates.

The town of Silverthorne only has one dispensary, but it’s not going to miss out on 4/20, as the High Country Healing store with medical and recreational marijuana sales just finished putting together an impressive lineup of 4/20 specials.

Chief among them would have to be 50% off on almost every edible in the store. High Country Healing will also have $35 grams of live resin and BOGO deals on O.Pen vaporizers, in addition to other deals.

“It’s the cannabis consumers’ holiday season above all,” said general manager Joe Pepe of their reason for marking down all these items.

He added that, at High Country Healing, they feel like they should give their customers “a broad scope” of the many different products they sell by offering a kind of annual “customer appreciation day.”

For a more complete roundup of all the local specials for 4/20, check out the cover wrap on Saturday’s edition of the Summit Daily News. There is a list of all the local dispensaries at EverythingSummit.com/cannabis.

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