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A quick reminder for campers

An unattended campfire sparked a small spot fire north of Breckenridge.
Courtesy of Red, White & Blue Fire-Rescue |

This is a campfire that was not properly extinguished Thursday afternoon just off the Colorado Trail approximately three miles north of Breckenridge. This fire had carried embers that had just started a spot fire in a wooded area when it was found by a hiker from Chicago who was traveling through the area. Both the Red, White & Blue and Lake Dillon fire districts see daily increases in these types of incidents to an extent never encountered before.

“We do appreciate the diligence shown by our residents as well as our visitors in locating and reporting these incidents prior to them becoming what could be a disaster,” Red, White & Blue Fire chief Jim Keating said in a statement.

If the extreme dry and windy conditions continue, additional fire restrictions and burn bans are certain to be implemented. Remember, just pouring water is not the answer to properly putting out a campfire. All embers should be completely extinguished and then buried well under dirt.

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