Alfredo Muro to perform for Domus Pacis Family Respite, Bristlecone Health Services |

Alfredo Muro to perform for Domus Pacis Family Respite, Bristlecone Health Services

Alfredo Muro, originally from Peru, has played all over the world. He will perform a benefit concert for Domus Pacis Family Respite and the Bristlecone Foundation in Silverthorne this Thursday.
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Alfredo Muro benefit concert

Date: Thursday, Sept. 18


Location: Silverthorne Pavilion, 400 Blue River Pkwy, Silverthorne

Cost: Tickets start at $50

Purchase tickets online at, or email Åsa Armstrong at or call (970) 668-8444

To learn more, visit or

Every year, thousands of people make their way to Summit County to get away from it all, taking time to relax among the area’s natural beauty and enjoy outdoor activities. Among those numbers are families who come to take a break from pressures much greater than crowded streets and busy schedules.

Domus Pacis Family Respite is a local nonprofit organization that sponsors cancer patients and their families on weeklong vacations in Summit County. Domus Pacis works on a solely volunteer basis. The majority of services are volunteered and donated, from the homes the families stay in to the meals they eat and the activities they enjoy.

The organization often partners with Bristlecone Health Services, the only provider of hospice and home health care services in Summit County. The Bristlecone Foundation is a nonprofit that raises funds to support these services.

“We work as a team with Domus Pacis,” said Bristlecone Foundation developmental officer Åsa Armstrong. “They provide homes for families to give them respite and then of course Bristlecone comes in and provides the skilled medical care and hospice services to those families.”

“We put all their volunteers together and our volunteers together and the energy that sparked out of that has been so great, because we’re working towards a common cause …”

Åsa Armstrong
Bristlecone Foundation developmental officer

For the first time, the two organizations have decided to partner not only in the work that they do, but in their fundraising efforts. On Thursday, Sept. 18, Latin guitarist and musician Alfredo Muro will perform in concert at the Silverthorne Pavilion, the proceeds of which will be divided between Domus Pacis and the Bristlecone Foundation.


Born in Peru, Alfredo Muro has lived in the U.S. for more than 30 years. Most of that time he called Oregon home. Four years ago he moved to Boulder, and most recently to Denver, yet he continues to play both nationally and internationally.

“I started playing the guitar when I was 9 years old,” Muro said. “Since then I haven’t stopped.”

Music was a big part of his childhood.

“My family is very musical, all singers, musicians, so it was something natural for me, to grow up with music,” he said. The guitar, in particular, captured his imagination.

At age 13, Muro got what he calls his “first professional job” after winning a national television competition featuring hundreds of young musicians, “and that was just the beginning.”

Despite their enjoyment of music, Muro said his family strongly encouraged him to “study something more solid,” so he turned to law. The experiment didn’t last, however, and he soon realized that he was a musician through and through.

“I (said) no, this is my passion, I have to follow my passion, you know?” he said. And looking back on his careers has afforded him “no complaints.”

Travel has been a big part of his musical career, having performed in locations from Brazil to Austria to Taiwan.

“It was really a great opportunity to learn new cultures,” he said.

Though often described as a Latin musician, Muro isn’t willing to put only one label on his style. He ranges from Latin jazz to flamenco to classical, and much in between.

“I have that freedom to play and to improvise,” he said. “My style is very, it’s with a lot of passion, you know, and I communicate very well with the audience. Connect(ing) with the audience is something very special.”

Muro is no stranger to performing with a cause. While living in Oregon, he often assisted a foundation that sent doctors to Peru.

“I know this is a great cause and I’m very, very happy to be part of this, to cooperate,” he said of Thursday’s concert. “(I) encourage people to come to the concert, because of the great cause but also, they’re going to leave with a great impression after the concert. They’re going to leave with a big, big smile on their faces.”


Domus Pacis and Bristlecone have already received support from the community for the concert, Armstrong said, including donations of bar proceeds by All Seasons Catering and of location from the town of Silverthorne.

She and other organizers hope to pull in an audience of about 200 people for their first cooperative event.

“It’s (about) awareness but also to raise funds, of course, and 200 people will be wonderful,” Armstrong said.

She has also enjoyed the collaborative effort with Domus Pacis.

“We put all their volunteers together and our volunteers together and the energy that sparked out of that has been so great, because we’re working towards a common cause, and it’s been so fun to get to meet each other, … and really what’s come out of it is this concert and a lot of great energy,” she said.

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