Arapahoe Basin invests $1 million in new base upgrades |

Arapahoe Basin invests $1 million in new base upgrades

Base area improvements for the upcoming season at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area include major resurfacing and re-grading for wider walkways and increased accessibility, in addition to more retail space.
Courtesy of Arapahoe Basin Ski Area |

Construction at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area continues in order to provide guests this winter with more than $1 million in improvements.

By the end of the summer, A-Basin will have completed the final phase of its Base Area Plaza project, a major regrading and resurfacing of the base area, guest walkways and administration parking lot. The undertaking will offer enhanced accessibility with wider walking paths, accessible ramps and a better pedestrian surface. This finalizes the look and feel of the new Base Area Plaza.

Expanded retail space at Arapahoe Sports has been another focus of this summer’s retrofits. By completion, the ski area will have doubled the square footage of its retail area, allowing new vendors to move in and give customers more options.

The projects are the third consecutive offseason where A-Basin has invested more than a $1 million into upgrades. With sights yet again set on opening at some point in October, it won’t be long before skiers and riders are experiencing the new developments.

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