August Summit County births |

August Summit County births


08/01 Samuel Johann Sherburne Christian and Melissa Sherburne Firsco

08/01 Sophia Lucille Garcia Kristen Rose and

Marcas Garcia S’thorne

08/02 Ryan Decker Stoltzfus Brad and Stacey Stoltzfus Breck

08/03 Sawyer Monroe Phipps Rob and Kim Phipps Breck

08/05 Kevin Do An Hong Nguyen and

Khanh Duy Do Dillon

08/07 Megan Louise VanSchoick Angie and Chris Frisco

08/07 Nataly Aelxandra Osorio Rodriguez Araceli Rodriguez and

Norvin Osorio Sevilla S’thorne

08/13 Everest James Kubick Jeff and Andrea Kubick S’thorne

08/14 Tucker Ryan Gallup Laura and Pete Gallup Breck

08/15 Shaye James Valli-Barr Ronnie and Alysse Copper

08/16 Max Alexander Bily Jiri Dostal and Katerina Bily Breck

08/16 Weston Robert York Beth and Adam Fairplay

08/19 Emily Lozano Maria Gutierrez and

Rolandao Lozano S’thorne

08/19 Gabrielle Selah Lemme Tia and Scott Lemme S’thorne

08/20 Chloe Leah Wolinski Rafal and Andrea Wolinski S’thorne

08/20 Maxmilian Kopunec Lenka and Derek Kopunec Fairplay

08/21 Susan Irene Oberheide Tom and Emily Oberheide Frisco

08/22 Frankie Noella Dussault Beverly Lauchner and

Matthew Dussault Leadville

08/25 Isabelle Cassidy Krier Creig and Nicole Krier Breck

08/28 Garrett Dean Sandahl Jason and Lisa Sandahl Leadville

08/28 Maggie Anne Pitney Mark and Molly Pitney Fairplay

08/30 Nicole Brianna Medina Mo and Kym Medina Leadville

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