Backyard bee how-to video on protecting the hive |

Backyard bee how-to video on protecting the hive

Backyard beekeeping is growing more and more popular by the year and Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to help participants keep their honey safe from bears.

CPW provides materials for electrified enclosures to protect small hive operations. The enclosures are easy to set up and effective at keeping wildlife out. To learn more about these devices, CPW produced a how-to video that it invites beekeepers, veteran to novice, to watch.

These enclosures are 8-feet-by-8-feet and large enough to protect one or two hives. The system to electrify the fence is safe, and simple to operate and control. For those living in bear country, these electric fences are the most effective method for protecting the hives. For those living within city limits, it is important to check local regulations regarding electric fencing.

For more information, call CPW’s game damage unit at 970-252-6007.

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