Breck Town Council solidifies support of ballot measures |

Breck Town Council solidifies support of ballot measures

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the Breckenridge Town Council will hold their second meeting of the month.

The council will do a second reading on the off-street parking ordinance. The ordinance looks at a conditional waiver for off-street parking requirements for restricted-deed properties. In the previous meeting, the motion was carried, despite some concern from council members that there could be consequences. Specifically, Councilwoman Wendy Wolfe wanted to be sure that property owners were incentivized to follow the ordinance. Solutions for these concerns should be addressed in the second reading.

For new business, the council will discuss an ordinance amending town code concerning immunity for people who report or are involved in an emergency drug- or alcohol-related event.

Other new business includes resolutions on three separate ballot issues for November. The council has expressed support for measure 2A, which looks at improving broadband service in the town; measure 5A that will add a temporary sales tax, which aims to help improve housing in Summit County; as well as measures 3A and 3B which will bring in funding for local education.

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