Summit County Chipping Program begins June 17 |

Summit County Chipping Program begins June 17

Summit County's chipping program launches June 17

Summit County is kicking off the 2019 Summit County Chipping Program on Monday, June 17. The free program, now in its sixth year, helps residents and property owners create defensible space by providing free chipping and disposal of trees and tree branches that elevate wildfire risk around homes.

From mid-June through early October, chipping crews will travel throughout each residential neighborhood in Summit County. Residents and property owners can clear trees and branches from around their homes and stack the material in piles near the road on their neighborhood’s designated chipping week. Crews will chip the material and haul it away at no charge.

The Summit County Chipping Program is available to all county residents and property owners. Each neighborhood in Summit County has one designated week during which households may set out piles of trees and branches for chipping and removal. On June 17, crews will begin chipping and removing piles in downtown Silverthorne (west of Highway 9), Mesa Cortina and Wildernest. Detailed schedules, broken down by neighborhood, are available online at, as well as instructions on what materials are accepted and how they must be prepared for pickup.

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