CU students praised for work in Silverthorne |

CU students praised for work in Silverthorne

The award winning group of CU students surround senior instructor John Lanterman. The students received the award for their contributions to Silverthorne's plans for revitalizing their downtown.
Photo Courtesy of Betty Ashley Public Relations |

Several students from the University of Colorado were honored on Sept. 22 with the Charter Award from the Congress for New Urbanism for their work on Silverthorne’s new downtown area. The nonprofit organization works with neighborhoods on a national level to create more walkable neighborhoods. The students were also awarded Best Student Project at the Downtown Colorado, Inc., conference in Pueblo, which was held Sept. 20-23.

The students were part of the Environmental Design Studio, and worked with CU instructor John Lanterman. The students worked with Silverthorne on their plans for a pedestrian-friendly downtown area in order to further refine it.

“This project was very personal for me because I’m also a Silverthorne resident,” said CU student Patrick Paden in a press release from Betty Ashley Public Relations. “We joked that we were working to turn silver into gold, and we focused on how we could create truly unique spaces not only for locals, but also for tourists that will visit and explore the new development we’ve created for them.”

Ryan Hyland, the town manager of Silverthorne said that the students brought a great sense of professionalism to the project, calling it a real-world exercise.

“These students should be extremely proud of their work, and because of this project’s success, we look forward to partnering with CU students on other projects in the near future,” he said.

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