Dillon Amphitheatre project gets green light | SummitDaily.com

Dillon Amphitheatre project gets green light

The Dillon Planning and Zoning Commission approved the town’s proposal for a complete overhaul of the Dillon Amphitheatre, a popular summertime venue on the lakeshore. The plan will dramatically increase the size of the stage, add bathrooms and concession stands, and expand seating. The proposal drew strong criticism for its design, which some residents argued was too modern and not fitting with the town’s character. Some also raised concerns that the larger structure will block views of the lake and mountains.

The town will now commission construction-grade drawings and then conduct a cost analysis, said Dillon’s director of marketing and communications, Kerstin Anderson. Once officials have a cost estimate they will start a formal bidding process in the spring. The town will then host a normal event schedule at the venue until construction starts in mid-June, Anderson said.

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