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Dillon man sentenced to 14 years in prison for attempted child sex assault

Brook Randall Fritts

A Dillon man who pleaded guilty in September to drug and child sexual assault charges has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

As part of a plea agreement, Brook Randall Fritts, 31, received an eight-year term and a six-year term for two counts of attempted sexual assault of a child. Those terms will run consecutively. Additionally, Fritts received a six-year sentence for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a one-year term for possession of a controlled substance; those sentences will be served concurrenly with the sexual assault convictions.

Attorneys arrived at the 14-year sentence due to the nature of the two child sexual assault charges. Colorado law classifies child sexual assault charges as extraordinary risk crimes when a victim is under age 15 and a suspect is more than four years older than the victim at the time of the crime. Fritts and the two victims meet those criteria.

An extraordinary risk child sexual assault charge carries a stipulated sentencing range of two and a half to eight years in prison. Because there are two victims in the case, Colorado law also mandates that those sentences be served consecutively.

“There’s evidence (the victims) were under the influence of methamphetamine; ultimately Mr. Fritts was shooting them up.”
— Deputy district attorney John Franks

Deputy district attorney John Franks referenced police reports in which one of the victims admitted to having consensual intercourse with Fritts on numerous occasions. Franks argued the law does not recognize consensual intercourse among minors.

“The first victim in the case said they had consensual intercourse, but they were too young to consent,” Franks said. “There’s evidence they were under the influence of methamphetamine; ultimately Mr. Fritts was shooting them up.”

Fritts was arrested April 29 following a monthlong investigation by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the Silverthorne Police Department, the Dillon Police Department, Summit County Probation, Summit County Social Services and the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

The sexual assault probe was launched April 1, after a Social Services employee had a conversation with one of the two victims. The social worker told deputies the victim admitted to having a sexual relationship with Fritts and that Fritts provided her and another victim with methamphetamine.

Investigators did not launch an investigation into the alleged drug activity until more than a week later.

While conducting a routine welfare check, at the request of Social Services, law enforcement officers discovered the two alleged victims suffering from methamphetamine overdoses at their apartment in the 800 block of Straight Creek Drive.

Deputies received additional information about Fritts’ alleged drug activity when they arrested Ramon Benitez-Romero, a former employee of the Subway restaurant in Keystone, on charges unrelated to the case.

During the course of his interrogation with law enforcement, Benitez-Romero said he witnessed Fritts — also a former Subway employee — selling methamphetamine in the restaurant’s rear parking lot, according to court records.

Deputies then responded April 28 to the First Interstate Inn, where it was thought Fritts and the two alleged victims were residing. Although Fritts was not at the motel at the time, officers confiscated one of his bags.

After executing a warrant to search the bag, officers booked into evidence eight glass pipes — some of which contained white residue that later tested positive for methamphetamine — a syringe, a small plastic bag also containing white residue, a glass vial, two digital scales and several documents confirming the backpack belonged to Fritts, records stated.

Deputies noted in their reports there has been a rash of reported methamphetamine overdoses over the last several months in Summit County. Many of the survivors claimed they received the drug from Fritts, according to records.

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