Energy Solutions for Breckenridge Businesses coming June 7 |

Energy Solutions for Breckenridge Businesses coming June 7

Business managers and owners are being invited to attend Energy Solutions for Breckenridge Businesses, an event on June 7, that’s designed to help them learn how to save on energy costs.

The event will include a panel of speakers from the town of Breckenridge, the High Country Conservation Center, Innovative Energy and local businesses that are implementing measures to use more renewable energy and to use energy more efficiently.

The panel will meet in the Hopefull/Discovery Room in the basement of Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center and South Branch Library.

Other topics of interest for the event include how to save money on town fees, energy audits, energy programs and rebates, how other businesses are conserving energy and generating renewable energy. For questions, email Beth Groundwater at

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