First half of property taxes due Feb. 28 |

First half of property taxes due Feb. 28

The Summit County Treasurer’s Office reminds taxpayers who wish to pay property taxes in separate installments that their first half of taxes are due by Thursday, Feb. 28. Colorado statute provides taxpayers with the option to pay property taxes in full or in two equal installments.

“First installment is due on or before the last day of February and the second installment is due by June 15,” Summit County Treasurer Ryne Scholl said in a press release. “Property owners also have the option to submit one payment for the full amount of taxes on or before the last day of April.”

Payment is considered received by the treasurer on the date the installment is actually received in the treasurer’s office, but the office will honor the postmark date if it is marked on or before Feb. 28.

Under new leadership, the treasurer’s office, with the help of County Information Services, has invested resources into providing increased efficiency and better customer service. This includes implementing a faster online payment process, the ability to pay multiple properties at once and the ability to receive paperless statements. Taxpayers can verify current balances by visiting and can update mailing addresses at For more information, call the Summit County Treasurer’s Office at 970-453-3440 or send an email to

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