Food technology at its best |

Food technology at its best

I’ve got two important questions for you today.

1.) Have you ever seen a touchpad made out of a turnip?

2.) Have you ever seen a keyboard made out of celery and carrots?

No, I didn’t think you had. In fact, if I was a betting woman (as I’ve occasionally been known to be) I would have put a lot of money on you saying “no”… but I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to participate in a bit of gambling here.

Anyhow, watch the video featured here: and not only will you be able to come back and answer “Yes!” to my two questions above, you’ll also be able to cross both of these things off your life’s bucket list. You’re welcome!

The link above will take you to a Wired video and accompanying article about Jay Silver, a clever inventor and entrepreneur who figured out a way to hook ordinary objects up to computers to create strange, new touchpads and keyboards.

Food technology is moving forward, people.

Links of the Week

1. – This infographic offers suggestions about how to turn one of the hottest, fastest growing social media outlets, Snapchat, into a business branding tool. The graphic provides demographical statistics and breakdowns, so you’ll come away with a few basic but important details to help you determine whether considering the integration of Snapchat into your business’ social media plan could be worthwhile.

2. – This may not be as useful a tool to those of us who use our phones’ calculators for answering questions like “How much should I tip?” and other basic things like that. But for people who make their calculators work hard for them (perhaps students? Or engineers? Or, well, I’m not sure who you are, but surely you folks are out there), this is a pretty cool concept. The MyScript calculator app actually recognizes your own script, meaning you can skip punching in numbers and symbols on your phone’s tiny virtual keyboard and simply write the problem in. You can even ask it to solve for x, because knowing what x is … is often very important. I’m sure.

3. – It ends up happening even to the best of us at some point. We find out someone has received an email from us that actually never sent out. A spammy email. An email offering good prices on Viagra. An email with a virus. The “From” field says it was from us but we absolutely did NOT send it out! What’s going on here? This article accurately and clearly demystifies exactly what’s going on, and it may not be what you’d think.

Erin Pheil is the owner of TimeForCake Creative Media. Visit her company’s website at or email Erin at

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