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We bought a … $17,000 sign for the Frisco Town Hall

The new sign in front of Frisco town hall, which cost $17,000.
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Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a regular series looking at your taxpayer dollars at work. Do you have a government project that recently got you wondering, “What did that thing cost?” Send us an email at share@summitdaily.com

The town of Frisco installed a new sign in front of Town Hall two weeks ago for a price of $17,000. Town manager Bill Efting said the idea to replace the old sign, which he said some thought to be drab, originated during last year’s Main Street overhaul project.

“We figured, well, if we’re making Main Street look so good we ought to make a better looking sign, too,” he said.

The sign, which was largely designed by the public works department and built by a company in Fort Collins, is meant to reflect the town’s past and present: railroad tie-style bars cross above timber posts, and on the concrete base is a depiction of a sailboat.

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