Frisco OKs limited retail marijuana sale |

Frisco OKs limited retail marijuana sale

Breeana Laughlin

The Frisco Town Council on Tuesday passed the first reading of an ordinance allowing up to two marijuana operations, whether they be retail, medical marijuana or both.

The ordinance allows retail marijuana, but bans marijuana cultivation, marijuana testing and marijuana product manufacturing. The only exception to the rule would be for medical marijuana cultivation or product manufacturing operations already licensed through existing medical marijuana facilities.

Strict requirements will be put in place regarding the location of the facilities. No applicant will be licensed within 500 feet of a licensed childcare facility, educational institution, halfway house, correctional facility or within 500 feet of another marijuana business.

Recreational marijuana operations must not operate within any residential zoning, the central core zoning district, or the mixed-use zoning district along East or West Main Street. The location can’t be within any building containing a pediatrician’s office, hotel, motel, condominium, boarding or lodging facility.

Marijuana stores can sell up to one ounce of retail marijuana to Colorado residents aged 21 or older, or up to one-quarter ounce during a single sales transaction to a non-Colorado resident.

The marijuana shall be packaged in accordance with state law between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday. No marijuana shall be consumed or inhaled on the premises.

The ordinance set forth by the town of Frisco includes $3,000 retail marijuana license fee set in place to cover costs of enforcing regulations.

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