Frisco sandcastle competition: Basking in the sand |

Frisco sandcastle competition: Basking in the sand

Breeana Laughlin
Breeana Laughlin/

After a soggy week, the sun shone bright for the third annual sandcastle competition at the Frisco Bay Marina on Saturday.

Children were scattered throughout the sand armed with buckets, shovels and props, constructing their castles near the water while their parents watched intently from the sidelines.

Twenty-three teams competed in the event this year. It appeared most participants weren’t too worried about the competitive aspect of the event; they were just happy playing in the sand.

Brandan and Evan Callahan, brothers from Frisco, caught minnows in a bucket that they buried in the sand like a swimming pool alongside their castle.

“We live in Frisco and we just thought we’d come check it out,” Evan said.

They created a whole village along with their castle and pointed out where they lived in the mix. After the event, they said they weren’t too concerned about the competition.

“We have our fingers crossed but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t win,” Callahan said.

Frisco Bay Marina office manager Jenn Shimp was joined by a celebrity judge, the Copper Mountain Elkguin. They surveyed the premises at the close of the competition while the competitors slurped down ice cream sandwiches.

Castles were inspected for their shape, creativity and the incorporation of extra features, such as motes, Shimp said. The top three teams in each age division received a trophy and got to stand on a podium. All of the children received a colorful flower lei for their efforts.

“Today was great. It was so fun. We had sun. It wasn’t windy or cold, and the kids were comfortable,” Shimp said after the awards ceremony.

Jackie Lombardi came out to the marina with her granddaughter Remi Star, who won first place in her age division.

“She’s loves playing in the sand and building and being out by the water,” Lombardi said.

The family were visiting Summit County for the weekend. It was their first time at the marina and they planned to spend the whole day at the lake. Lombardi said she was impressed with the atmosphere and turnout at the event.

“We’ll definitely be back next year,” she said.

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