Frisco unveils $25.5 million budget for 2017 |

Frisco unveils $25.5 million budget for 2017

The Frisco Town Council met for a special work session on Tuesday as town manager Bill Efting presented a draft of the 2017 budget, totaling more than $20.5 million. The accompanying report is bullish about the local economy, citing nine and ten percent bumps in year-to-date sales and lodging tax revenues, respectively. It was careful to note, however, that Frisco’s general fund is still heavily reliant on sales tax, a potentially volatile source.

The expansive draft document poses 19 policy questions for consideration that will have a bearing on the budget including various public works, workforce housing projects and town staff compensation. After deliberation on these questions is complete, the budget will go before council in two readings at their October meetings.

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