Frisco warns residents of water bill scam |

Frisco warns residents of water bill scam

Early Thursday, a local Frisco business owner alerted the town to a scam call he received Wednesday evening.

The caller claimed to be from the Frisco water department and maintained that water service to the business would be turned off in two hours if the caller did not receive payment for a past-due bill. The business owner asked additional questions and eventually the caller admitted that he was not from the town of Frisco, and subsequently, the scammer hung up the phone.

“Unfortunately, these type of scams are very prevalent,” Frisco police chief Tom Wickman. “A few months ago a similar scam was going around with the scammers claiming to be from Xcel Energy. Our advice is to never give out personal financial or password information to anyone who calls. When in doubt, hang up the phone and look up the phone number of the company the caller claims to be from and call the company yourself. Any reputable company will be fine with a customer who wants to check if a call is legitimate by calling back at a published and verified phone number.”

The town of Frisco follows a clear set of procedures when a water bill is unpaid. First, a past-due notice is sent via mail. If there is no response to the notice within 60 days after the due date, a certified letter is then sent outlining how to resolve the issue. The letter indicates when water service will be shut off if the issue is not resolved.

Subsequently, Frisco police posts a notice regarding water service shutoff at the residence or business. The town does not call customers with such notices at any point in the process.

Frisco officials encourage residents to call the town to follow up on any issues or suspicious phone calls.

For questions about water bills, call Peggy Faessen, town of Frisco finance specialist, at (970) 668-9136. To report suspicious or scam calls, call the Frisco Police Department at (970) 668-3579.

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