Georgetown killer gets 24 years for 2010 shooting |

Georgetown killer gets 24 years for 2010 shooting

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GEORGETOWN — A man who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for his role in a shooting off Interstate 70 near Georgetown was sentenced to 24 years in prison Monday.

Jesus Reyna, a 29-year-old Denver-area resident, apologized to the court and the family of the victim, Conrad Crall, at the hearing for firing one of the three shots that killed Crall in 2010.

“I would just like to apologize to the Crall family for putting them through that,” Reyna said. “I’m truly sorry.”

Reyna and another man, Shawn Sheeley, lured Crall into the car with them in Denver and drove him up to a location near Georgetown where his body was found several weeks later. Court documents and officials’ statements indicate Sheeley instigated the plan and ordered Reyna to shoot the victim.

Public defender Amber Saint Clair told the judge Reyna had been confused and afraid when he participated in the murder and feared for his life in prison.

“I think he’s a very impressionable, very feeble-minded, very confused — for lack of a better term — young man,” Saint Clair said in court Monday.

It was Reyna who confessed the details of the crime, helping land Sheeley behind bars for 30 years. Reyna told his attorney Sheeley had already sent him threatening messages.

Prosecutor Christine Word said she has requested Reyna be given additional protection when he is transferred to the Department of Corrections.

Sheeley, 37, also pleaded guilty to second-degree murder earlier this year. Both men were initially charged with first-degree murder because the killing was planned in advance. They avoided possible life sentences by cutting deals with the district attorney’s office.

The victim’s mother and brother made brief statements at the sentencing hearing, saying they believed Crall might have escaped with his life if it had not been for the shot Reyna fired.

Reyna’s attorney told the court he’d agreed to give Sheeley a ride in exchange for gas money the day of the murder, not knowing what the other man was going to do. But when Sheeley asked him to participate in a 187 — slang for homicide — Reyna went along with the plan. The two men picked up Crall, telling him they were going to the mountains to do some recreational shooting and drink some beers, according to Word. When they got to the Georgetown area, they pulled over and walked up a nearby hill, where Sheeley shot Crall in the stomach and groin area. Crall turned and fled back toward the highway. Saint Clair said Sheeley then turned the gun on Reyna yelling, “shoot him,” and afraid he would also become a victim, Reyna fired several shots. One caught Crall in the back and likely would have killed him, prosecutors said, except that Sheeley fired one last shot into the back of the victim’s head.

“Even with any stretch of the imagination, from what was described here, I can’t find that this was a murder where things got out of hand,” Judge Russell Granger said at Monday’s hearing. “This was a cold, calculated, intentional killing of another.”

Second-degree murder carries a penalty of up to 48 years in jail, but prosecutors asked that Reyna be given 24 years in prison, six years fewer than Sheeley’s sentence.

Reyna has also been sentenced to four years in prison for a prior burglary conviction. He will be allowed to serve that time concurrent with his murder sentence.

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