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GoBreck changes name to Breckenridge Tourism Office

Alli Langley
GoBreck, Breckenridge's destination marketing organization, announced Monday, March 16, 2015 that it has changed its name to Breckenridge Tourism Office. The switch comes after a late 2013 restructuring from that included a name change from Breckenridge Resort Chamber. Since then the organization, funded mostly by local lodging taxes, has marketed and promoted Breckenridge on behalf of all local businesses including Vintage Sweet & Chic.
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GoBreck, the destination marketing organization for Breckenridge, announced Monday, March 16, that it has changed its name to the Breckenridge Tourism Office.

“When you see or hear Breckenridge Tourism Office, there’s an immediate understanding of who and what we are,” said Lucy Kay, president and CEO. “We’re completely aligned with our town council’s business goals. We’re driving economic impact during need periods. We’re proactive stewards of the Breckenridge brand. The new name more clearly represents those responsibilities.”

The switch comes about a year and a half after the organization restructured and changed its name from Breckenridge Resort Chamber to GoBreck.

“We’re an inclusive, guest-focused marketing organization and the name change is an important next step,” said board chairman Dick Sosville.

In 2013, the organization restructured from a member-based chamber to a destination marketing organization that promotes Breckenridge on behalf of more than 1,000 Business and Occupation License and Tax (BOLT) holders.

The GoBreck name will still serve as the organization’s web address and social media handle, as well as a call to action for visitors to learn more about Breckenridge, said Scott Fortner, the organization’s marketing director.

For visitors from California, Florida, New York or Texas, for example, he said, “GoBreck as a web URL resonates with them, but GoBreck as a thing that represents the destination doesn’t really resonate with them.”

The name Breckenridge Tourism Office will now be used primarily in business-to-business communications, and the organization’s operations generally won’t change.

Fortner said the organization aims to become a tourism authority by conducting more research and producing more data-based marketing that local businesses can’t do themselves.

The organization already surveys visitors about their experiences to gain a score that shows how Breckenridge is doing in attracting and retaining visitors.

Soon the office will conduct in-depth, psychographic research on the factors driving people to Breckenridge and what they hope to gain from their time in town as well as their booking and shopping behaviors.

“You’ll probably see us diving a little bit more into trends,” Fortner said, and producing more forward-looking, proactive information useful for businesses.

The office is run by a nine-member board of directors and 22 employees, including the staff at the town’s Welcome Center.

Breckenridge budgeted $3.85 million for the organization for 2015; most of the funding comes from lodging taxes, while about 17 percent comes from business licenses and 1 percent comes from sales tax.

The amount of tax funding going to the organization “really is a barometer of how important that we feel tourism is to our economy,” town spokeswoman Kim Dykstra said.

Town funding makes up 80 percent of the organization’s budget, Fortner said, and the rest comes from Breckenridge Ski Resort and revenues from events and the Welcome Center.

For more information, visit GoBreck.com or find the Breckenridge Tourism Office on Facebook and Twitter.

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