Group visits Frisco to highlight need for more walking, biking and transit funding |

Group visits Frisco to highlight need for more walking, biking and transit funding

Colleen McLoughlin, an associate with the CoPIRG Foundation, has been traveling around the state to talk about a recent report on Colorado's transit, walking and biking funding needs that was released on Oct. 5.
Photo Courtesy of Colleen McLoughlin |

A recent report from the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG) Foundation and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project said that the state needs to invest at least $1.05 billion per year in transit, biking and pedestrian infrastructure. Of that total, $50 million would need to go to the Interstate 70 corridor.

Colleen McLoughlin, an associate with CoPirg, said transit, walking and biking are critical issues in Colorado, but they have been severely underfunded for decades.

The Intermountain Transportation Planning Region, which includes Eagle, Garfield, Lake, Pitkin, and Summit counties, says that to maintain current bus service and make improvements to transit, the area would need $29 million per year for operation costs, and $7 million per year in capital expenditures over a 12-year period.

The report also said that Colorado is woefully behind other states when it comes to investing in transit. The state only began investing in transit operating last year, with one percent of transit capital. The 2012 national average of capital investment was 12 percent.

The report goes into recommendations of what should happen to help with these issues, such as making funding more flexible.

The report can be found at

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