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Honey bee coalition releases video series on hive health

With beekeeping becoming more popular every year, the Keystone Policy Center’s Honey Bee Health Coalition recently released a series of videos to promote colony health and combat destructive mite infestations.

Honey bees help facilitate more than $20 billion in annual agriculture in the United States and Canada. But the critical worker insects have faced several years of declines in population, which led to the formation of the diverse stakeholder group in 2014 to improve hive management, increase forage and nutrition and control crop pests to safeguard pollinator health.

The videos provide helpful visual aids and step-by-step directions on how beekeepers can monitor and control the Varroa mite through a pest management strategy. The series covers a range of techniques and tools, including the use of formic acid, essential oils and other synthetic miticides.

“Healthy bees support out world’s food supply and farmers everywhere,” Danielle Downey, executive director of honey been health nonprofit Project Apis m, said in a news release. “Often keeping the bees healthy is a mysterious learning curve. These important ‘How to’ videos bring the Coalitions tools for Varroa Management Guide to life.”

The videos are available on the Honey Bee Health Coalitions website at: honeybeehealthcoalition.org/varroa/#videos. More information about the more than 40 member collective and its efforts can also be found via the homepage.

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