Lake Dillon Fire department plugs winter survival tips |

Lake Dillon Fire department plugs winter survival tips

Summit Daily staff report

The week’s heavy snowfall provides a good chance to remind Summit County residents how best to cope, stay safe and survive.

The crew at Lake Dillon Fire Rescue has a number of helpful tips to brave the winter storms:

First off, dig out your gas hydrants so that they are not buried, which can cause the dangerous buildup of fumes. Similarly, help the local fire departments out by digging out your neighborhood’s fire hydrants.

If your roof has accumulated heavy snow, consider hiring a licensed, bonded contractor to remove it to avoid potential collapse. Ensuring the roof ventilation pipes are kept clear of snow is another good idea. And until cleared, use caution underneath building eaves, especially those where snow cornices have developed, or metal roofs where “roof avalanches” could occur.

Next, for interior heat, always maintain a 3-foot diameter around space heaters that is also cleared of combustible materials, including drapes and furniture. For fireplaces, make sure your chimney receives an annual sweep by a certified chimney sweep. Finally, test your smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detectors once a month, particularly if you heat your home with a gas furnace or stove that burns wood or pellets.

Last, when you plan to leave your home, equip your car with a winter-survival kit. That should include tire chains or a similar traction device, kitty litter, a snow shovel, tow strap, jumper cables, road flares and extra winter clothes or a sleeping bag in case you slide off the road. An extra mobile phone charger is never a bad idea either.

“Winter can be the best time to be in Summit County, but it’s often challenging,” Jeff Berino, chief of Lake Dillon Fire, said in a statement. “We would encourage everyone to consider safety first and foremost during what is shaping up to be a fantastic year for snow.”

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