Lake Dillon Fire temporarily bans pile burns |

Lake Dillon Fire temporarily bans pile burns

Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue has stopped issuing burn permits for slash piles temporarily and is currently not allowing permit-holders to burn piles.

Fire officials cited the demands of wildfires across Colorado on the region’s firefighting resources and the constant threat of wildfire in implementing the hiatus on burning. They will reevaluate the ban the second week of July.

“We have all seen the tragic consequences of wildfires yet again in our state, and we want to do everything we can to prevent an out-of-control blaze here in Summit County,” Lake Dillon chief Dave Parmley stated in a release. “This is a worthwhile precaution, especially as we have three teams of firefighters out of the county on the Black Forest fires, as well as two other wildfire leaders assigned to other blazes.”

Despite the help Summit County is lending across the state, local fire departments remain fully staffed with firefighters working on an overtime basis. The extra expense is paid by the federal government, according to the statement.

Officials noted that although the fire danger in Summit remains at moderate, the second-lowest of five tiers, a blaze can still spark because of the fire-prone vegetation in the area.

Recreational campfires are still allowed, but must be limited to 3 feet in diameter with flames of no more than 2 feet in height and a water source must always be on hand, according to the statement.

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