Life on the Summit: Hundreds flock to Frisco for Jon ‘Zeke’ Zdechlik |

Life on the Summit: Hundreds flock to Frisco for Jon ‘Zeke’ Zdechlik

Miles F. Porter IV
Special to the Daily
Jon ‘Zeke’ Zdechlik and Sherri Steeves.
Special to the Daily |

There was a tremendous — really big — turnout at the Frisco Recreation Peninsula for a wonderfully good event for a tough cause.

This was a countywide fundraiser for a guy we all love — Frisco native Jon Zdechlik.

He’s been around here long enough to be known by two nicknames — today it’s “Zeke,” and earlier, as a 19-year-old landscaper, with the tag of “Taco.”

The backstory: Jon’s dad, Robert, was on our town council a long time ago and worked at Climax, the molybdenum mine on Fremont Pass. Jon’s mother, Marie, a mine nurse, today at 89 still plays a mean game of golf and drives fast enough to have the paint peeling off her silver sedan car hood (joking).

Jon was a collegiate All-American XC skier, coach, and is now the general manager of the town’s hugely popular Frisco Adventure Park.

Jon and wife Sherri Steeves, a speech therapist, also a native of The Summit, live a few blocks from us, over on Frisco Street, with their family of Kaitlin, 23, Lauren, 21, Andrew, 19, and Eric, 15. Mom Marie lives right across Frisco Street on the family lots. Sherri’s mom, Donna, was there as was Jon’s brother, Joel.

Here are some of the estimated 600 others who showed up on a snowy Saturday:

Claudia and Jon Kreamelmeyer and daughter Ali and husband Luke Jurotich and son Connor David; Therese and Gene (on the accordion) Dayton, Chris Eby, Nancy Peterson, Frisco Recreation Director Diane McBride, Frisco Town Manager Bill and Carol Efting, Frisco Marketing Director Vanessa Agee, John and Linda Polhemus, Bob and Deb Helton, Peer and Nancy Bjornstad, Bruce Cochran and Pam Cain, Larry and Pat Schmidt, Larry and Judy Sawyer, Butch Elich, Danny “Amos” Moroz, Butch Green, Woody and Melinda Van Gundy, Sandy Schmaderer, Janet Carter, Sue Cook, Marcia and Jim Spenst, Debbie and Gary Martin, Joanie Merrick, Gary and Mary Probst, Bob and Marcia Bower, Bob and Becky Foote, Pat Foote, Sharil Caffery, Jane Peterson, Dave Petersen, Dave and Lyn Philips, Kim and Dominick DiLallo, Mark McCrerey, Summit County Manager Gary and Phyllis Martinez, Kouri Wolf, Mark Sabatini, Susan Wentworth, Leon Joseph Littlebird, Jo-Anne Tyson, Colette Smith and Greg Dietl, Tory Hauser, CJ Mueller, Don Coleman, Diane and Chris Colman, Kim Orr and Sonia Cabrera, Frisco Town Councilperson Kim Cancelosi, Frisco Mayor Gary Wilkinson, Pooh and Ray Bishop, Breckenridge Town Councilperson Ben Brewer and mother Kate, Silverthorne Assistant Town Manager Mark Leidal, Mikey and Betsy Cuthbertson, Alice Hayes, Phil and Kristie Huff, Seth Blackmer, Dot Vanderbeck, Phil and Janelle Kopp, Dan Bell, Danny and Roberta McCrerey, Susan Downen, Holly and Toril Emrick, Jay Brunvand, Fritz and Emily Baumgartner, Mary Margaret Motsinger, Caroline Donovan, Maxine Thomas, Steve and KK Skulski, Jackie Skaro McPheeters, Sue Peterson, Campy Campton, Sam and Paula Parker, Bernie and Bo Zurbriggen, Leigh Girvin, Heidi and Kelly Maike, Gina Kendrick and daughter Zoe, Rudd Pyles Knutzen, Pat and Dale Butler, Eddie and Patti Bowers, Sheila Trowbridge, Jim Snyder and Meredith Farnum, Aleda Kresge, Frank Lilly and Karn Stiegelmeier, Shauna Fisher Bocksch, Curtis and Pam Johnson, Beau Thomas, Kent Willis and daughter Caroline, Bobby and Stephanie Kato and daughter Sara, Cass and Judy Dombrowski, Frank Mencin, Jennifer Walker, Chrissy (Lewis) and Kerry Lynch, Susie Magrino, Bruce and Barb Hodson and daughter Nita; Joanne and Jerry Green, Triangle Tom and Marcia MacMurray, Jim and Cyndi Wilson, Jeff, Heidi, Keeley and Brian Wilson, Linda Roberts, Greg Lynch and Maggie Lifland, Chris, Lizzy, Max and Sophie Johnsen, Tim Ventrella and Zoe, Sharon Randolph, Bob French and Kay McGinnis, Diane McGinnis, Kathy Ahern Neel and brother Kevin Ahern, Jubal and Susan Bobb, Laura Frey, Matthew Lit, Beth Sharp, Doreen Somers, Carrie Wellington Gruver, Kelly Lloyd, Jon and Ann Clark, Rich and Carolyn Miller, Stacy Gervasi, Jay Armstrong, Cam and Joanie Moll, Mindy, Halley and Zach Armstrong, Carol Rickauer, Gayle Butterfield Jones, Larry and Deborah Sullivan, Clay, Jean “Willis” Brown with son Jeremy Brown and daughter Kelsey; Anna Sones, daughter Sarah and son Will; and the Chomiak family of Scott, Katie (Ryan), Madeline and Olivia of Denver.

“What a wonderful event for Zeke,” says Katie. “I had such a great time visiting with everyone — miss the Frisco days.”

Miles F. Porter IV, nicknamed “Spike,” a Coloradan since 1949, is an Army veteran, former Climax miner, graduate of Adams State College, and a local since 1982.

An award-winning investigative reporter, he and wife Mary E. Staby owned newspapers here for 20 years. Email your social info to

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