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Michael Dougherty earns endorsement of District Attorney Bruce Brown in attorney general race

District Attorney Bruce Brown has endorsed fellow Democrat Michael Dougherty in his bid for attorney general, one of nearly 25 endorsements Dougherty says he will be announcing by the end of September. Dougherty currently serves as assistant district attorney for Jefferson and Gilpin counties. Brown, whose Fifth Judicial district includes Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties, said the mix of urban and rural communities Dougherty's district serves positions him well for the statewide post.

"Michael really works well with people from all backgrounds, professions and circumstances," Brown said. "I've found that he really understands the needs of our rural communities."

Since he was elected in 2013, Brown has worked with Dougherty on the Colorado Best Practices Committee for Prosecutors, an arm of the Colorado District Attorneys' Council.

During that time, they've co-authored reports on body-worn cameras for police officers and the ethical use eyewitness testimony, guidance that is used by prosecutors statewide.

"We've tried to be fairly cutting edge with the leadership we provide," Dougherty said. "I feel very honored to have the support of Bruce and it means a lot because he is a leader in the prosecutorial community."

Although the election is still more than a year away, Dougherty said the energy in the electorate is running high and that he has learned a lot since announcing his candidacy in March.

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Four other Democrats are also vying for their party's nomination, including Denver attorney Brad Levin, State Representative Joe Salazar, Denver prosecutor Amy Padden and Phil Weiser, former dean of the University of Colorado Law School.

Republican incumbent Cynthia Coffman has not yet said whether or not she will seek re-election, and some speculate she may be aiming for the Governor's Mansion come 2018. No candidates have announced for the GOP so far.

Despite the crowded field, Brown was confident that Dougherty was the right person for the job.

"Michael is a hard worker, and he's consistent in his positions," he said. "But he can also work with people of all political persuasions, and we need somebody who looks for solutions no matter who the source might be."

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