Mountain mentor of the month named for March 2018 |

Mountain mentor of the month named for March 2018

Summit County Mountain Mentors has recognized Mary Quinn, left, as its mentor of the month for March following her ongoing work with Summit.
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Summit County Mountain Mentors, a community-based mentorship program that matches volunteers with children ages 8 to 16, has recognized Mary Quinn as its Mentor of the Month for March.

For over three decades now, the program has sought to positively influence the county’s youth to lead healthy lifestyles through a one-on-one relationship with an adult.

Research shows this kind of connection can help young people overcome life challenges, as well as learn many skills that prove valuable in the student’s development.

For her part, Quinn was paired with a boy named Summit.

“What I like most about being Summit’s mentor is discovering things together and being there for his unique and positive perspective on new things,” she said. “He is a very joyful guy and his enthusiasm is contagious. Summit is a pretty popular guy, and so we don’t go too many places without someone recognizing him.”

So far, Quinn’s favorite activity with Summit has been a trip to the fire station. Summit was enthralled with everything there, and his curiosity was inspiring. Naturally, more fire stations are on the list for the pair’s future plans.

At the same time, Summit called Quinn “the best” and said he greatly enjoyed her making time to take him to the animal shelter.

“We have fun together, and she loves me,” he said.

Summit’s parents were a little uncertain about what to expect from the program when they signed their son up. They hoped he would be matched with someone who truly connected with him, and his parents have been thoroughly impressed with Quinn.

Many children in the county have to wait several months before being matched after applying for the program, and anyone considering becoming a Mountain Mentor is encouraged to step up and volunteer.

“I would tell people thinking about becoming a mentor, if you have a couple of hours a week and a genuine enthusiasm for kids, make it happen,” Quinn said. “There are so many kids waiting to meet their mentor.”

For more, Co.Summit.Co.Us/332/Mountain-Mentors.

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