Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco closes temporarily due to flooding |

Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco closes temporarily due to flooding

Alli Langley

Peak One Surgery Center in Frisco has closed temporarily after a sprinkler line in the ceiling burst Wednesday, Dec. 31, and flooded most of the center.

The patient waiting room was underwater as well as the pre- and post-operative care areas, said Rick DeHart, with the center’s management company Pinnacle III. The operating rooms weren’t as impacted.

Because the water came from above, some of the center’s ceiling tiles came down, he said. “It wasn’t a collapse of the structural part.”

DeHart said he didn’t know what exactly caused the water line break but blamed it on sub-freezing temperatures last week.

“We don’t have a complete diagnosis on that yet,” he said. “They’re still investigating that, but obviously the cold weather had something to do with that.”

He expects the repair process to take two to four weeks, and the adjacent St. Anthony Summit Medical Center will accommodate the Peak One’s surgery needs in the meantime.

“We are working closely with the Peak One leaders and staff to make sure their patients’ needs are met,” said Paul Chodkowski, CEO of St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, in a written statement.

The surgery center staff requests that all patients with scheduled out-patient surgeries contact their physician’s office to confirm or reschedule surgery appointments.

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