Pheil: A fighting chance to record over awkward voicemail messages |

Pheil: A fighting chance to record over awkward voicemail messages

Voicemail Tip of the Week: Easily Re-record Awkward Messages

Perhaps you’ve been there before?

You’ve started to leave a voicemail for a friend, colleague or person of importance on their voice messaging system, said something awkward, tried to recover by making a joke that is even more awkward because there’s no one on the line to respond or laugh — and then you’re even more in the thick of it.

You’ve now left this much of a message, so there’s no escaping. You can’t just hang up (or should you?). This is uncomfortable.

You have to finish what you’ve started. (Right? I mean, after all, you can’t just hang up now.) How’re you going to turn this around?

Did you know there’s usually an instant way for you to stop and re-record that unsuccessful message, assuming that friend, colleague or person of importance is on a mobile phone?

Neither did I, until now. (Yes!)

And yes, it’s trickier if you don’t know what carrier your voicemail recipient uses, but you’ve at least now got a fighting chance.

If this quick tip might be of interest to you, take 20 seconds and find out how you can re-record awkward voice messages here:

Grab Bag: Your Three Random Links of the Week

1) We’ve got mobile phones. We’ve got tablets. We’ve got a world filling up with mobile devices with increasing performance and functionality. We’ve got a likely slowdown of desktop sales in emerging markets. Hence, not surprisingly, analysts continue to forecast PC sales to drop. And drop. And drop. Who would’ve guessed this 10–15 years ago?

2) The Rain Room at the Barbican in England was an absolutely beautiful installation that invited visitors to experience what it’s like to control the rain. Stunning, really. It ended in March, though, so no chance of seeing it in person unless it’s revisited somewhere else down the road. Take a look at this short video to catch a glimpse of what visitors experienced.

3) Let’s continue on with the art theme started in #2 above. Let’s transition into the world of apps as so many are becoming more beautiful and more intertwined into the world of art. This 2:20 video showcases a new app that breathes new life into well-known artistic masterpieces. When the app is on and when your phone or tablet overlays a well-known piece of art or common object in the app’s database, your screen displays an animated story of that piece or object. An entire museum dedicated to this app has been created, offering a fun and unique interactive experience. The video offers a fun, quick glimpse into this super cool and ultra-creative new concept.

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