Pheil: Are you getting spam … from yourself? |

Pheil: Are you getting spam … from yourself?

A few clients lately (none of whom use our TimeForCake hosting service, of course) have emailed in and asked why they’ve been receiving more and more spam emails from themselves lately — meaning their names and/or email addresses are being shown as the sender of the emails.

Understandably, they’ve also asked how they can stop these emails from arriving in their inboxes.

This type of activity (abusing one’s email address and sending an email that appears to come from someone else) is called “from-spoofing,” and it’s an ugly, common technique used by spammers.

I wish I had better news or some type of magic wand for our clients experiencing from-spoofing. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot one can do in this situation.

The good news is that seeing your email address in the “From” field isn’t reason for you to feel concerned. It’s just a slight annoyance, not something indicative of a big problem. This is because — unless your email account has actually been compromised and hacked — the emails aren’t actually coming from you. The spammer is just making it look like they are.

In other words, spammers are dropping other people’s email addresses into the “From” fields of emails they’re sending out in hopes of increasing their open rates and in hopes of getting recipients to think the emails are coming from a legit person.

At the end of the day, just keep doing whatever you’re doing to keep your spam under control. Hopefully you’re using some form of spam filtering in your email client.

If things become unbearable, though, and your spam levels start going through the roof, don’t hesitate to speak with your hosting company.

If you instead use a service like Hotmail or Gmail, the web is filled with a variety of techniques to reduce their spam levels. Just Google “Reduce spam [insert your email service here]” and you’ll find some great solutions. Good luck. It’s not a fun game, I know.

Grab Bag: Your Two Links of the Week

1) – Did you know there’s actually a Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)? There is. It’s a Massachusetts-based museum that showcases oh-so-bad-it’s-almost-good art in three different galleries. The work the museum displays is … oh, how shall I describe it? It’s awesome. Yes, awesome. A lot of the works make me laugh. And bringing joy to people and making them laugh is always a good thing. Right?

2) – I’m going to hit you with another “Did You Know?” here today. And I’m guessing there’s no way you already knew about this one. Ready for it? Here goes: Did you know there’s such a thing as luxury ice? There is. Dean & Deluca sell it. Apparently it’s “meticulously designed” and is for use in “premium” drinks and cocktails. It’s perfectively spherical and each piece is carved from a big 300 lb block of ice. You know, to ensure “flawless quality” and a “zero-taste” profile. Because it’d be a shame if we were to contaminate “the essence of premium liquors and drinks.” For two packages of five cubes each, the cost is $75. And all for one-time use only, of course — because they melt. Sold? Thought so. If you take the ice for a test run, let me know how your experience goes!

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