Pheil: Instantly create new folders in Windows |

Pheil: Instantly create new folders in Windows

I’m an intensely curious person, especially when it comes to learning about people. I’m fascinated by social psychology, human interactions, perceptions of reality, etc. Love it all. Could talk for days and days about any of it. And, not surprisingly, this translates directly into the work I do. Understanding people and how they use websites is a very big (and ridiculously fascinating) part of my job.

Now, computers and hardware and software are not what I do. If you need your network set up or get your computer wires all mixed up, I’m not the one to call. In fact, I’m the very last person you should call. (But you can call me anyhow as I’ve got some great recommendations if you’re in the Summit County or Vail area.)

Despite computers not being my area of expertise per se, I’m still fascinated when I watch people use them. What they do. What they don’t do.

And recently, I’ve been interested in how a handful of people (two clients, one friend, one colleague and an acquaintance), all at different times in different places, created new folders on their PCs.

To create a new folder, each and every one of these five people right-clicked their mouse, moved their mouse down the menu that showed up, rolled over the “New” option, moved their mouse to the right and left-clicked “folder.” They then left-clicked in the highlighted text that read “New folder” below the icon of the new folder that showed up, hit their Backspace button until all the text was deleted, then typed in a new folder name.

Today I’ll share with you what I shared with each of them: there’s an easier — in fact, instant — way to make new folders wherever you want, wherever you are on your PC: on your desktop, inside your My Documents folder, or inside a folder that’s inside a folder that’s inside another folder. Hopefully you can handle this much excitement in a single day.

All you need to do is hold down the Ctrl button, then as you’re doing so hold down the Shift button and tap the “N” button.

Ctrl + Shift + N. That’s it. A new folder instantly appears, wherever you are. The text area beneath the new folder will already be highlighted and ready for you to name the folder whatever you’d like to name it — no deleting or backspacing necessary whatsoever.

So now what I’m going to be fascinated by is this: You now know this fantastic, instant trick. Are you going to actually use it? Or will you keep right clicking your mouse and going through all the other steps you can go through to create a new folder?

I’m curious. Let me know.

Erin Pheil is the owner of TimeForCake Creative Media—the Web Strategy company voted #1 in Best of Summit. Visit the timeforcake website at or email Erin at

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