Pheil: Over the moon with an elevated music experience |

Pheil: Over the moon with an elevated music experience

Do you still fire up iTunes when you want to listen to music on your computer? (Or, gasp, do you actually still put CDs into your computer and play those?)

Regardless of how you currently listen to music (even if it’s Pandora or Grooveshark), if you’re not using Spotify, you may just be missing out on a much, much better music experience — one that has many people across the world absolutely over the moon.

What’s so amazing about Spotify?

Here’s what most people (especially people who’ve converted from iTunes) love:

1) You can instantly and quickly stream custom radio stations that, according to many, are better at guessing appropriate music and songs than competitors like Pandora.

2) You can access your music very quickly from ANY computer (just login to your Spotify account and all your playlists are sitting right there). This means you don’t have to transfer gigabyte upon gigabyte upon gigabyte of files from one computer to the other, or make sure particular Sharing settings are setup on various computers in order to listen to your music when you’re not at your main computer.

3) Sharing your playlists with a friend or family member is as easy as sharing a link.

4) You can easily collaborate on playlists.

5) Your most recent searches are saved in the sidebar.

6) When you click on any artist, Spotify takes you to a list of every single song recorded by that artist, along with their top hits, a biography and a radio station of that artist you can listen to.

7) Even though it’s cloud-based, Spotify saves music to your hard drive as it plays for offline listening.

Spotify is free, though they do have a paid version for people who would prefer an ad-free experience or are particular about listening to higher music quality.

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Grab Bag: Your Two Links of the Week:

1) We’ve just had yet another previously highly anticipated unveiling of new iPhones. Thusly, Apple retail stores have been ramping up their trade-in programs. Are you going to be taking advantage of the newly available trade-in offers, or will you just be keeping your current iPhone?

2) The Rain Room at the Barbican in England was an absolutely beautiful installation that invited visitors to experience what it’s like to control the rain. Stunning, really. It ended in March, though, so no chance of seeing it in person unless it’s revisited somewhere else down the road. Take a look at this short video to catch a glimpse of what visitors experienced.

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