Pheil: Search engine submissions are a thing of the past |

Pheil: Search engine submissions are a thing of the past

A long time ago, back when the Web was a bit younger (think 1990s), search engines had submission forms where webmasters could submit their sites. These submissions would tell the search engines to check out the newly submitted sites (which likely made use of keyword tags) and, after a short bit of time, the websites would show up in said search engines. Easy!

However, for about 13 years now (yes, 13), search engine submission has been considered virtually useless. As you can imagine, the search engines’ submission forms quickly got clogged with massive amounts of spam, and the people running the search engines were forced to figure out a better process.

For this very reason, if a company or person promising to help boost your website’s search engine rankings shares that “search engine submission” is included in the work, quietly back away. Then run. Run, run, run. Because they either don’t know what they’re doing, aren’t up to date (as in, 13 years behind) on search engine optimization techniques, or are trying to lengthen the list of services they’re offering to increase perceived value (in hopes of increasing the price they can charge you) while actually not increasing value or helping your site’s search engine rankings at all.

If you’re serious about improving your site’s search engine rankings, expect a healthy (and likely hefty) upfront and ongoing monthly investment. The more competitive your industry and the lower your current rankings, the more expensive and time-consuming it will be to move your website toward the top.

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Grab Bag: Your three Links of the Week

1. – For all you Photoshop lovers out there, this walkthrough tutorial provides three quick “digital makeup” tips to help make people in your photos look 10 years younger. So hopefully this would go without saying, but obviously, don’t apply these techniques to any babies or young children in your photos — things could get dicey there.

2. – This article is for all of you out there who have ever felt frustrated because you didn’t know how to easily disable the mobile version of a website while browsing the Web on your phone. Eliminate future frustration, read this post.

3. – A build-it-yourself camera kit. For education and fun. For ages 8 and up. I’m sure this would be fun for many people — even making an awesome holiday gift for some. Personally, I’d rather just buy a working camera. Much easier and far fewer pieces for me to possibly (I mean probably) lose.

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