Mini cell phone towers might be coming to Summit |

Mini cell phone towers might be coming to Summit

At the Summit County Commissioner’s work session meeting on Tuesday, the idea of approving small cellular facilities, basically mini cell towers, was floated. The facilities are meant to supplement cell coverage in a small geographical area. Verizon Wireless has started the process of applying for a license to operate these 17-cubic-foot facilities in unincorporated Summit County. The county commissioners gave planning staff approval to start looking into the technology, and there is no timeline for when or if the facilities will be installed.

Other cities — like Denver and Longmont — are already using small cellular facilities to supplement tower coverage in areas of spotty or high data use.


Correction: An earlier version of this story stated erroneously that small cell facilities might be installed on Main Street in Frisco, however that was merely an example of how the facilities may work. The Town of Frisco is not involved in the county’s licensing of such facilities on unincorporated county land.

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